Ireland moves toward legalizing abortion

Republic votes to remove constitutional ban on abortion by resounding two-thirds majority — 66% of the vote.

These people repealed the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution, a part of it that forbade abortion. But abortion is still not legal yet. The Irish legislature will have to pass a law legalizing it. But it is a step forward, and a sign of the weakening power of the Catholic Church in that nation.

As I mentioned earlier, early in 1879, a certain Anne Purcell decides that having five children is enough. So she gets an abortion. Here is who she would have aborted:

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Look Who Would Be Aborted: Who’s Who

In “Look Who Would Be Aborted”, I posted a list of women who could have have gotten abortions at some time. In this post, I will list who would have gotten aborted. I selected people that many anti-abortionists would consider great villains, so as to pose a very awkward dilemma for them. But before that, one more:

Early in 1879, Anne Purcell decides that having five children is enough. So she gets an abortion.

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Secular Cafe: End of an Era

The Secular Cafe messageboard has now been shut down. Its content has been preserved as the Secular Café Archive – Index page, generously hosted at Talk Freethought.

If you are a member there, your password should still work, and it should still give you access to members-only areas.

As I write this, the original board is now inaccessible except from its hosting company’s pages, and it will soon disappear outright from that company. But I ended its shutdown message with

Daisy daisy…

Look Who Would Be Aborted!

Jim Bakker: God Gave Us Scientists to Cure Cancer, But They “Were Aborted” – Friendly Atheist

“I believe America is cursed if we keep murdering our babies,” Bakker said. “I believe we are doomed as a nation — whatever you think, I don’t care, because I believe God says, ‘Thou shall not kill.’ And to murder our unborn babies, I don’t believe God can look [the other way].”

“This program could be an important cog to stop abortion in this country,” he added. “The thing we have done in America, we have killed our babies. We have killed the future of America. I told you the other day about a story, someone said they asked God, ‘Why haven’t we had a cure for cancer?’ And He said back, ‘I gave you two scientists that had the cure and both of them were aborted.’”

That is a version of the Great Beethoven fallacy – RationalWiki, referring to the possible abortion of classical-music composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

However, if a good person can be aborted, then a bad person can also be aborted. After the fold is some examples of that.

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Happy Yule, everybody!

Happy Yule! Or Christmas or Hanukkah or Saturnalia or Hanukkah or HumanLight or Kwanzaa or Festivus or whatever you might to celebrate around this time.

Yule is from the old-time Germanic name for celebrations at this time of year, a name that Scandinavians still use. I don’t have a Yule log to burn, but with the help of, I’ve composed some proto-Germanic, spoken some 2000 – 2500 years ago in what is now northern Germany and southern Scandinavia:

Gôdan Yehulan! Gôdô sunnôn-standingô! Hampan allaimaz mannumaz — allaimaz gumammaz andi kwenômaz.

Good Yule! Good sun-standing (solstice). Happiness to all people — to all men and women.

Solstice: the word is a borrowing from Old French solstice, in turn from Latin solstitium, “sun-standing”

Why celebrate at this time of year? Because in the northern hemisphere, the Sun seems like it is returning from having gone southward. Why lights? Because light is what the northern hemisphere is short of. Why evergreen trees? Because they seem like they are still alive. The traditional song “O Tannenbaum” / “O Christmas Tree” celebrates how that tree does not seem to die, as many other trees seem to.

As I’d noted in <a href=”; title=”The Reason for the Season 7000 Years Ago”>The Reason for the Season 7000 Years Ago</a>, people have been marking out the solstices for centuries before Jesus Christ was born, and centuries before the first record of his ethnicity.

The Fermi Paradox: Unwilling to Contact?

I come to my final major category of solutions, the hypothesis that interstellar-capable extraterrestrial civilizations are unwilling to make contact with us, or else that they are trying to hide from us and other civilizations. Not surprisingly, this category contains some “fun” hypotheses. Here are some:

  1. Lack of Interest in Contacting Others
  2. Hiding from Others
  3. We are Not Worth Contacting
  4. The Zoo Hypothesis

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The Fermi Paradox: Too Hard to Contact? II

I will continue with the hypothesis that it is too difficult to make contact over interstellar distances.

  1. Interstellar communication is too difficult. I
  2. Interstellar travel is too difficult. I
  3. We have not been searching long enough.
  4. We have not been searching for the right kind of evidence.
  5. We already have evidence of ET’s, but we don’t recognize it.
  6. We already have evidence of ET’s, but we are unwilling to recognize it.

So with this post, I conclude my discussion of this possibility.

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