Updates of the Links

Some of the links on the left are to sites that are now dead or redirected. I have updated them in appropriate ways.

Beacon Library now at atheism.wikia.com

The Beacon Library has been at beacon.wiki-site.com but it is now gone from there. Some of its content is now at atheism.wikia.com, where it joins a lot of existing content.

Some of its content now also resides at some other wikis, Iron Chariots and RationalWiki.

Beacon Library

Hi everyone,

We at Nontheist Nexus are currently in the process of putting together a library of freethought. We’re not interested in sticking just to freethought as regards just religion and atheism, but freethought in general: politics, science, art…

So we’ve started a wiki to get some text-based resources up: classic freethought texts. You can see the start we’ve made here. If there’s something that you think should be up there, please suggest it! We’ll add it as soon as we can. Or, if you’d like to volunteer, we can extend editing privileges so you can help build up the library yourself. In the future we’re also looking to add audio-visual resource sections to NN. This will allow us to showcase freethought in art and music, as well as uploading important freethought speeches. Again, if you’d like to volunteer to help collate or set any of this up, or you’ve got some amazing ideas about what should be done, we’d be happy to hear from you.