Look Who Would Be Aborted!

Jim Bakker: God Gave Us Scientists to Cure Cancer, But They “Were Aborted” – Friendly Atheist

“I believe America is cursed if we keep murdering our babies,” Bakker said. “I believe we are doomed as a nation — whatever you think, I don’t care, because I believe God says, ‘Thou shall not kill.’ And to murder our unborn babies, I don’t believe God can look [the other way].”

“This program could be an important cog to stop abortion in this country,” he added. “The thing we have done in America, we have killed our babies. We have killed the future of America. I told you the other day about a story, someone said they asked God, ‘Why haven’t we had a cure for cancer?’ And He said back, ‘I gave you two scientists that had the cure and both of them were aborted.’”

That is a version of the Great Beethoven fallacy – RationalWiki, referring to the possible abortion of classical-music composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

However, if a good person can be aborted, then a bad person can also be aborted. After the fold is some examples of that.

In the little town of Braunau am Inn, Austria, near the German border, a certain Klara Poelzl has discovered in the fall of 1888 that she is pregnant. She and her husband, a minor customs official named Alois Schicklgruber, decide that they don’t want to have a child at that time, so she gets an abortion.

In another little town, Gori, in Asian Georgia, Russian Empire, a certain Ekaterina Geladze has discovered in the summer of 1878 that she is pregnant. But she and her husband Vissarion Dzhugashvili are very poor and not sure that they want a child. So she gets an abortion.

In yet another little town, Hope, Arkansas, USA, a certain Virginia Dell Cassidy has discovered in the beginning of 1946 that she is pregnant. But her husband, William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., was perpetually on the road, and she was wondering what sort of father he would be. So she gets an abortion — and her suspicions are confirmed three months later when he dies from a car accident.

In a big city, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, college student Ann Dunham discovered early in 1961 that she is pregnant by another college student, Barack Obama. But since she was in college, she did not think that she was in a good enough position to have a child. So she gets an abortion. Her suspicions were confirmed when the two later went their separate ways, she to the University of Washington in Seattle, and he to Harvard University.

In a bigger city, Chicago, Illinois, USA, a certain Dorothy Emma Howell discovered early in 1947 that she is pregnant by her husband Hugh Ellsworth Rodham. They decide that they don’t want a child at that time, so she gets an abortion.

Here’s a bigger list:

  • Julia Vipsania Agrippina (“the Elder”) in 12 CE
  • Julia Augusta Agrippina (“the Younger”) in 37 CE
  • Aminah bint Wahb in around 570
  • Hoelun in around 1161
  • Hüma Hatun in 1431
  • Nancy Hanks in 1808
  • Susannah Wedgwood in 1808
  • Henrietta Pressburg in 1817
  • Maria Alexandrovna Blank in 1869
  • Ekaterina Geladze in 1878
  • Sara Ann Delano in 1881
  • Rosa Maltoni in 1883
  • Klara Poelzl in 1888
  • Franziska Tiefenbrunn in 1892
  • Wen Qimei in 1893
  • Katharina Odenhausen in 1897
  • Anna Maria Heyder in 1900
  • Maria Schefferling in 1905
  • Lynetta Putnam in 1930
  • Nancy Lombardi in 1939
  • Dorothy Emma Howell in 1947
  • Virginia Dell Cassidy in 1946
  • Pauline LaFon in 1947
  • Betty Broder in 1952
  • Hamida al-Attas in 1956
  • Stanley Ann Dunham in 1961

Can any of you readers guess who would have been aborted?


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