Goat’s Milk Cheese – by biochemgirl

It all started with a goat…

So I tried my hand today at making goat’s milk cheese again. I tried it once years ago with not much success. This is a quick, easy recipe. Some involve a more slow curdling process which occurs over a few days but since I am rather new to this I wanted to start with a rather fool-proof method.

It started this morning by milking a goat. Well, not exactly, my mom milked a goat last night for me but it’s still fresh from the goat. 🙂 She has Nubian goats to be exact and she makes goat’s milk soap with the milk not to mention ice cream and butter. Anyway, on to the cheese making!

Assembling the ingredients. There is about 2 quarts of goat’s milk there.


I started by heating the milk to a low simmer being careful not to burn it. I also added about a pint of buttermilk because it is supposed to add creaminess.


Then removed the milk from the heat and let it cool slightly before adding some lemon juice to start the separation process. After some stirring I thought I hadn’t added enough lemon juice when all of the sudden…


A close up of the curds:


At this point I poured the curds and whey into a colander lined with cheesecloth and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes.



Here you can see where it’s actually draining and vaguely resembling cheese. This is where I started to get excited. 🙂


After squeezing out the remaining whey, I transferred to a bowl where I then added some fresh basil, garlic and salt.


I then split the mixture, one half I left loose for some snacking and the other I pressed into a bowl to form a “block”.


And now I wait 1-2 days while the cheese sits in the fridge. 😎