About the Nexus Zine

I, lpetrich, have been the main blogger here, after the Nontheist-Nexus project was abandoned. But for reference, I will repeat this blog’s original statement of purpose:

When Nexus started, acrimony between some of the secular message boards in one corner of the net was at a peak. The thought of a positive, multiboard project was appealing, and the zine began to take shape. It quickly allied with the Nontheist Nexus, which was setting itself up as a neutral resource for the online secular community.

The zine put out monthly issues for a year before volunteers were hit with a bright idea that really should have been thought up sooner. Why were we sticking to monthly formats like we were a print medium? In the internet age, we suddenly realised that Nexus was no longer a magazine but a metazine. So a couple of months later, fiddling about with different ways to do things, we came up with this. The NN is currently being expanded to provide a freethought library and forum along with existing resources, and the zine was transformed into a blog-like format, which could be updated at whim.

If you’re a member of a secular message board, and you’d like to be a “friendly forum” with NN, please drop us a line. Your users will then be able to submit content for the zine – and as we’re not aiming to be too highbrow (despite some very spiffy academic articles), hopefully there will be something here for everyone!

If you’re not a member of a secular message board, we won’t make you join! But we’d be happy to host most types of freethought or humanism related articles that you’d like to contribute.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask either here or at the Secular Café.

3 Responses

  1. Hiya,

    I think I contacted Octavia a while ago about cross-linking forums with TR, and had been thinking about approaching her about writing a piece on ethics for NN.

    Having lost the zine, rediscovered it and read the new ‘About’ section, I thought I’d ask if it would be possible to link to the forum (in my website bit) from here. It’s not technically a secular forum – one of our most prolific members has actually become a very strange kind of low-probability/high expected benefit Christian based on a modified version of Pascal’s Wager (http://www.utilitarian-essays.com/probability-of-hell.html) – but it’s dedicated to consequentialism in general and utilitarianism in particular, which have a proud tradition of being secular systems opposed to any special consideration for any gods that happened to exist. More pertinently perhaps, *almost* all utilitarians I know of are nontheists.

    And for what it’s worth, it being a (very small) ethics forum, I don’t think you’d have to worry about any religious members abusing posting privileges 🙂

    While I’m at it, can I persuade you to add something resembling an ‘ethics’ link to your contents list? (or do you just put links up according to the number of people writing on the topic?)


    Sasha (aka Jinksy, Jinx and Arepo)

    • Hey Sasha!

      Long time no see! I’ve added the link to your forum, and created an Ethics category – it’s not showing up in the side bar yet, ’cause we don’t have any ethics content right now. Hint, hint! :p

      If you’ve got anything you want to share that could kick the Ethics category off, we’d love to have it.


  2. Ta 🙂

    I’ll ask if any of the other forum member can write a brief intro, at least. I’m scrabbling for free time at the moment, but will try and put something together if no-one else does.

    Btw, I had some difficulty finding the new site – wouldn’t it be a good idea to put a prominent link to it somewhere on the old NN? Even a Google search for ‘nexus zine’ only finds this fifth from the top. I suspect that you could improve your rankings a lot better by calling this the ‘Nontheist Nexus zine’ (or even just becoming the new Nontheist Nexus, since presumably no-one involved with the old one will object)

    Just a thought, anyway.

    Incidentally, when I ran the ‘nexus zine’ search, I noticed with some smugnaminity (and confusion) that the top hit was my Golden Compass review. D’you have any idea whether my smugnaminity is justified (ie that it means it was a popular piece), or is it just a quirk of the site structure?


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