Creative Writing Update

Three years ago, I wrote Some Creative Writing | NexusZine and I must update that. I’ve published my stories on:

Three of these stories are inspired by UFO contactee George Adamski’s alleged close encounters of the friendly kind. I ask “What if they are partially real?” and work out the consequences as science-fiction stories.

  • Tunguska and the Titanic – what might GA and his ET friends have in common?
  • The Great Bomb – a nuclear bomb, of course.
  • Contact across the Solar System – starting with GA’s contacts and continuing across the decades to contact for real in the near future.

The other ones are

  • Watching a Supernova Up Close – my first storytelling effort
  • Lincoln and Darwin Raglanized – if someone tried to kill them in their infancy, as had allegedly happened to many legendary heroes.
  • Alexander the Great and the Four Noble Truths – if AtG was like King Ashoka of India

Here are some samples of my writing.

They landed in a clearing in a forest north of Santa Barbara, the residents got out and waved goodbye to the scout pilot, and the scout flew back. “So this is it,” said Kalna. “Earth.”
“Yup,” said another resident. “Look upward. No window. Only atmosphere.”
She looked up at the stars, and they looked almost as bright as from space. Ilmuth soon joined her.
“Welcome to humanity’s original home,” said that resident.

— Contact across the Solar System

Spring turned into summer, and with it came thunderstorms. On an afternoon when they were both home, there was a big one. Kalna was rather scared of its lightning and thunder but Ilmuth was curious enough to watch it. Kalna noticed Ilmuth’s seeming fearlessness and Kalna cautiously stepped forward to join Ilmuth. Ilmuth telepathically sensed Kalna’s fearfulness and put out a hand. Kalna grasped it and went to Ilmuth’s side. Ilmuth put an arm around Kalna and Kalna did likewise with Ilmuth. The two watched the storm together, sitting on a porch, wearing thrift-shop summer dresses and sandals.

— Contact across the Solar System

But when Amin Iskandari’s terrorist plans were discovered, [Cristina] stated online that “Words cannot express the depth of my horror. I think that we are all appalled at his attempted action. Yes, the SSC has spied on us. Yes, the SSC refuses to say much about its spying. Yes, the SSC refuses to apologize for its spying. But Mr. Iskandari’s action is totally uncalled for. It is a totally unjustified attack, and it is a dangerous provocation. It only helps some SSC people believe that we are all dangerous and violent. That is why I’m grateful to the SSC for keeping level heads about this incident.”

— Contact across the Solar System

Ilmuth continued “This engine trouble made the ship go off-course, headed toward the Earth, a little bit below the horizon. Despite the best efforts of the people on board, the ship hit the atmosphere at full speed. What happened next continues to be a mystery.
When our investigators arrived at the scene, they found a huge explosion site, with trees knocked down for miles around, and with nothing remaining of the ship. Nothing.
It was right on target for the final position data of the ill-fated ship. So we concluded that the ship’s pilots likely tried a desperate last-minute maneuver to avoid crashing into the Earth. A maneuver that made the engines explode and vaporize the ship.
Several hundred people were on board, and they all died, vaporized along with their ship.”

— Tunguska and the Titanic

As Taki looked eastward, she saw Venus, looking like a bright star. Home sweet home. So it’s clouded over with sulfuric-acid clouds and its surface is hotter than an oven and the people there have to live in enclosed colony cities, but it’s still home.

[In their flying-saucer scoutcraft,] Kiridan and Taki followed the two bombers to Nagasaki, and Taki said “It looks like one of them dropped something.” She looked again. “It’s Bockscar.”
A few minutes later, the clouds were lit up with a very bright flash, and a few minutes after that, Kiridan and Taki were jolted by some shock waves from the explosion. They soon saw a mushroom cloud rise above the other clouds. “Everything fits,” Kiridan said. “It’s a nuclear bomb all right. That’s what Bockscar was carrying.”

[After a few days,] The next day, Japan surrendered, ending the war. But like Orthon and some other observers, Kiridan and Taki continued to think that if the Earthers fought another big war, they would use more of these bombs. A lot more.

— The Great Bomb

Some of the baby killers [who tried to kill baby Abraham Lincoln] were caught, and their trial became big news. Their leader, Henry Harrison, tried to describe in detail why they did it, only for the judge to dismiss it as irrelevant to the case. “So you think that you are King Herod?” he asked. Henry was reduced to writing about why he did it while he was jailed, and he described his target as a terrible tyrant who would start a bloody war, oppress the states, and encourage black men to lust after white women and make them pregnant. He got passionate about how he needed to protect the flower of American womanhood from these depraved, subhuman men. They were well taken care of by their masters, so why let them loose?
These baby-killing men were hanged, and nobody had any sympathy for them.

— Lincoln and Darwin Raglanized

On June 11, he got a very bad hangover from drinking a lot of wine the night before. He tried some home remedies, without much success. But he recalled something that those visitors had said, and he invited them in to talk about their message. One of the visitors was happy to oblige.
The visitor’s first noble truth was about suffering. Birth is suffering, aging is suffering, sickness is suffering, death is suffering, being joined to something displeasing is suffering, being separated from something pleasing is suffering, not getting what one wants is suffering.
As Alexander suffered from his hangover, he said to himself, “So true, so true”. He wanted to hear more.
The visitor continued with his second noble truth, about what causes suffering. It is irrational craving, craving for pleasure, craving for enjoyment, craving for continued existence. Alexander thought about his drinking, and he could not deny that he craves wine, complete with drinking a lot of it the night before.
The visitor then got to his third noble truth, that if you can end craving, you can end suffering. If he didn’t drink as much wine, he wouldn’t have horrible hangovers.
Then the visitor’s fourth noble truth, on the eight things to do to end craving, and thus end suffering. These were right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.
Among the right actions were the five moral rules: do not kill any living thing, do not take what was not given, do not do sexual misbehavior, do not speak falsely, and do not consume any intoxicating drinks. Alexander recognized that he was very guilty of the latter, and he decided that he wanted to continue receiving instruction.

— Alexander the Great and the Four Noble Truths

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