Secular Cafe: End of an Era

The Secular Cafe messageboard has now been shut down. Its content has been preserved as the Secular Café Archive – Index page, generously hosted at Talk Freethought.

If you are a member there, your password should still work, and it should still give you access to members-only areas.

As I write this, the original board is now inaccessible except from its hosting company’s pages, and it will soon disappear outright from that company. But I ended its shutdown message with

Daisy daisy…

2 Responses

  1. Wow! I had not been there in ages but am sorry to see it go….

  2. Not a loss. They were as oppressive there as Mao Zadong’s Cultural Revolution. If you were not a militant atheist seeking to ban all religions then you were attacked. I wasn’t religious, but I wasn’t a militant atheist either so I was attacked repeatedly. No wonder they went under.

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