Some Creative Writing

Some time ago, I decided to do some thought experiments about various hypotheses, and I decided that the most convenient way to do that is to compose stories about them. Thus, my adventures into fiction writing. I think that it’s fair to say that a lot of science fiction qualifies as storified thought experiments, so I’m not alone.

I’ve published my stories at both Wattpad and FictionPad; I’m lpetrich in both places.

In “Watching a Supernova Up Close”, I imagined myself watching a red supergiant star as its core collapsed and made it explode as a supernova.

“Tunguska and the Titanic” is inspired by one of more far-out hypotheses about the Tunguska event. Some object hit the Earth’s atmosphere on June 30, 1908, and it exploded a few seconds before when it would have reached the ground. No macroscopic fragments of it have ever been found, despite very diligent searches. Various people have invented numerous hypotheses. A meteorite. A comet. A chunk of antimatter. A mini black hole. A gas eruption from the Earth’s interior. An experiment with a radio-frequency electric-power transmission system. An extraterrestrial spacecraft.

I found that latter hypothesis rather interesting. UFO contactee Billy Meier has an ET-spacecraft scenario that I found rather inelegant. Another UFO contactee, Elizabeth Klarer, briefly mentioned it as an ET spacecraft crashed. But I couldn’t find anything by George Adamski or Desmond Leslie on Tunguska. That left me with an idea. What if George Adamski found out about the Tunguska disaster when he was going on one of his trips with his alleged ET friends? How might it play out?

Here’s my favorite bit of it. One of GA’s ET friends says about it:

When our investigators arrived at the scene, they found a huge explosion site, with trees knocked down for miles around, and with nothing remaining of the ship. Nothing.

Then GA brings up the sinking of the RMS Titanic at almost the same time, in 1912. His ET friends ask about that, and they find that they have something in common.

I also wrote a sort of sequel, “Contact across the Solar System”, in which I try to rationalize some of GA’s odd notions. I think that I was at least half-successful. Unlike the other two stories I’d mentioned, it grew to novella length, with lots of adventures on the Earth and elsewhere. I also have a lot of people disliking GA’s ET friends when they decide to manifest themselves in a very obvious fashion.

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