The Twilight of the Monarchies

I recently thought of that evocative phase to describe the decline of monarchy over the last few centuries, something that I’d blogged on here previously. It was inspired by Norse Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, where they would fight a final battle with their enemies. Also known as Götterdämmerung in German.

But among monarchist blogs and sites, I found something curious. The Mad Monarchist: A Monarchy for America? The Mad Monarchist glumly concludes that monarchist activism in the US will get nowhere. US monarchist groups never get very many followers, and they don’t get along very well with each other. Importing a monarch? Who might want the job? Electing a monarch? Will we get “Queen Oprah I”? The Mad Monarchist suspects that the most likely US path to monarchy would be Caesarism – the US gets into such bad shape that some authoritarian leader takes over and creates a monarchy while carefully letting the US continue to appear to be a republic. That said, he wishes monarchist groups all the best.

My previous entries on monarchy:

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