Many Americans are still creationists

Sad but true. Four in 10 Americans Believe in Strict Creationism. Furthermore, Americans are behind the citizens of many other industrialized nations in support for evolution (Level of support for evolution).

But that’s slowly changing. Belief in creationism has dipped slightly in recent years, but belief that God had no involvement in humanity’s evolution has been rising. It has approximately been steady at 9%, but after 2000, it has been rising to today’s figure of about 16%. The remaining alternative is that God had guided humanity’s evolution, which continues to get a lot of support.

Not surprisingly, more educated people are less likely to believe in creationism and more likely to believe in God’s non-involvement, and more frequent churchgoers were the opposite. Turning to politics, Democrats and Independents were much alike, while Republicans were much more likely to believe in creationism and less likely to believe in God’s non-involvement. It is yet another indication that the Religious Right is an important part of the Republicans’ base, but not that of the Democrats.

I think that many of the leaders of the US’s less fundie churches have done their followers a disfavor by not explaining why they don’t consider creationism True Christianity or whatever. By simply saying “God did it!” without further explanation, they let their followers become creationists. If they seriously believe something like what Galileo had believed, that the Bible tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go, then they ought to think of some way of communicating that to their followers.

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