Apolitical Fundamentalists

The activism and belligerence of the Religious Right, and its attempts to make itself the United States’s de facto state religion, has obscured the fact that some fundamentalist Christian sects continue to be apolitical to the point of being anti-political.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have long rejected participation in politics, including military service and saluting the flag, an action which they consider idolatrous.

Another such sect may be the Restored Church of God, an offshoot of the Worldwide Church of God, an offshoot of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh-Day), an offshoot of Seventh Day Adventism, originally the Millerites.

Its site has an article that asks Should Christians VOTE? The answer: they shouldn’t, for several reasons:

  • God fixes every political contest, including every election, making voting pointless.
  • Christians are not really citizens of any nation, but are citizens of Jesus Christ’s kingdom, which is elsewhere.
  • Christians should only be involved in the politics of Jesus Christ’s kingdom.
  • Christians are ambassadors of Jesus Christ’s kingdom, and therefore ought not to take part in the politics of wherever it is that they are living.
  • One cannot serve two masters, like God and money; likewise, one cannot serve both God and some earthly leader or government.
  • Politics and voting are divisive, and divisions are a Bad Thing.
  • Christians should not participate in the activities of wicked governments.
  • Democracy in practice is chaos and division and strife.
  • No leader in the Bible was ever elected.
  • Political leaders are power-hungry and egomaniacal.

The article continued by saying that Christians ought nevertheless to obey earthly governments except when such governments demand that they disobey God; it concluded with

Christians participating in the governments of Satan’s world, through voting, military service or activism in social causes, is far more serious than most realize. It is disloyalty—a form of spiritual fornication and spiritual treason—to the government of God and His complete authority over a Christian’s life.

At the center of the gospel of the kingdom of God is a message about God’s soon-coming, hierarchical government. The followers of Jesus Christ practice this now. Any church that participates in the democratic politics of this world or elects its leaders and makes other decisions by voting is not a house built by God!

It would be nice if they could convince the Religious Right of that. More seriously, they did not ask why God bothers to fix contests between uncouth, power-hungry people. That aside, it is welcome to discover a fundamentalist who recognizes how unbiblical the US Government’s structure is. There is not a speck of support in the Bible for most of what’s in the US Constitution, let alone political parties and several other features of US politics.

That article also included classification of governments into monarchies, dictatorships, and democracies/republics. But for some curious reason, it omitted theocracies, despite there being Biblical support for that form of government.

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