Death’s Lover – by recursive prophet

I’ve had a love affair with death
From the day that I was born
When I stood at the portals of life’s mortal bond
And there paused, my desires torn

For I knew the time had come to end
My blessed unity
That now I’d have to stand alone,
And to feel, and hear, and see.

Alone in the light; beneath a stranger’s glare
And through those eyes I would somehow know
That I now had my space, and had entered the race
Yet be haunted wherever I might go

For I knew that for certain, my lover would return
Once again in her arms I would be
Then together back we’d walk, with no need to feel or talk
Through the halls of eternity.

2 Responses

  1. Just came across this doing a search for something else I had posted about a year ago. I noticed there were no comments that I could see, so I guess nobody found it very interesting. I’m primarily making this comment to see if in fact comments show up here and so I can be put on notification for comments. New to the site and not real savvy net-wise.-RP

  2. But John, you are Recursive Prophet

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