Women and exercise in Saudi Arabia: a bad, bad thing

Adding to the seemingly endless list of things the Saudi Arabian government deems unsuitable for women is exercise. Yes, exercise. It’s not enough that their fundamentalist brand of religious stupidity bans women from a wide range of activities (including freedom of dress, driving, and the ability to leave the house without permission from a close male relative) – no, not enough. Now, clamping down on access to gyms and exercise facilities, the SA government has apparently decided that women are living too long and too healthily.

And by Allah, they can’t have that!

Unsurprisingly, gyms and sports clubs for men are being left alone. Those for women, however, are about to be closed if they are not attached to a medical centre.  This means, of course, that the majority of centres are likely to be removed. Future sports centres will be denied licenses. No doubt the prospect of obesity and heart disease in their spouses has Saudi officials rubbing their hands in glee.

Story here.


2 Responses

  1. Your story just makes it that much clearer that the Islamic religion is not ready for modern civilization, is still stuck in the dark ages, and must be suppressed and the people freed from their oppression. 🙂

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