The Backlog – by captain bligh

The production was very simple. I purchased a Super 8 camera (Bell & Howell FilmSonic 1238) on eBay for around $10, and wanted to test it out.

My friend Andy and I had been talking about shooting a short Chaplin-esque silent film for awhile, as I think he’s got a great, animated face, and I thought he could pull off the physical comedy.

And a short slapstick film seemed the perfect thing to shoot as a camera test — and hey, if it worked out, I might actually have a decent short film on my hands, too.

I bought eight rolls of Super 8 film (Kodak Plus-X) from a local camera shop. (Each roll cost $15 and provided two and a half minutes of film, shooting at 24fps, so we had twenty minutes of film. I would have liked more, but since I was paying for it, money was an issue.)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, a day I thought no one would be around, we sneaked into my place of work and spent about ten hours shooting in an empty office. We started late, so we didn’t get out of there till about midnight, by which time everyone was pretty cranky.

I had a local shop transfer the film to Mini-DV, wrote a silly little ragtimey-sounding song, and edited the twenty minutes of footage down to a three and a half minute short on my home computer.

Considering how thrown-together the whole thing was, I’m pretty happy with the result.

See The Backlog here!


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