So you want to be a scientist? – by Octavia

But can’t do maths or chemistry, and the sight of blood makes you go all queasy? Or do you already have a job that you actually like, but are haunted by the road not taken? Maybe you just can’t spare the odd decade to go back to school and get your PhD…

Well fear not, fellow Nexites! From now on, Nexus will give you a way to fulfil that childhood dream in one easy step. Each month in “So you want to be a scientist…?” we’ll direct you to one site where you can do your bit for science and research without leaving the comfort of your chair, and without your having to waste time and temper learning calculus or biochemistry or any other of those other intellectual beasties that make you cringe in the middle of the night having woken from another nightmare of high school lab classes.

This month, we’re introducing the Galaxy Zoo Project.

Galaxy Zoo.


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