JoonToons – by Dylan Foley

Dylan Foley is an atheist/skeptic/humanist musician and author based out of Boston, Massachusetts who is involved in a myriad of projects ranging from gypsy jazz/ska/circus rock to free improvisation to surf to death metal. “JoonToons”, his latest solo project, is an album of children’s music designed to appeal to people of all ages. The songs of “JoonToons” are culminated from a variety of Foley’s early musical influences, such as Woody Guthrie and Shel Silverstein, as well as traditional sources of Irish folk and blues.

The arrangements of the songs are atypical of those found in children’s music, featuring organic under-production and real instruments, including voice, guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass and harmonica (there are no synthesizers on the album). Aside from its overarching tone of playful humor, the themes of the album strongly emphasize individuality and skepticism. One fan, a mother of three, has described it as “the album toddlers will hide from their parents.”

“JoonToons” was chiefly inspired by a close friend of the artist who recently began operating a line of home-made children’s clothing, which bears the same name as the album. First time customers of the online JoonToons store (here) receive a CD copy of the “JoonToons” album for free. The album is also available for free download here by clicking the CLICKHERE banner to go to the “JoonToons” page (or by clicking the link below). The music of Captain Pablo Presents, another of Foley’s projects, may also be found on this site.

Dylan Foley may be contacted at

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