Carpe Diem – by RexT

Carpe Diem is my latest completed song. It has been a work in progress that started like many of my songs, just strumming around on my acoustic guitar looking for a melody. Once I had the melody, some lyrics came along and jumped in. (Lyrics do that you know, they hear a melody they like and they just move in.) It wasn’t until after I had the rhythm part recorded that I started getting some ideas about accompaniments. I’ve played with it for about a month now and I think it’s about ready.

On this song I started experimenting with drum loops and other computer generated sounds. I didn’t write the drum loop I used in this song. I downloaded it from a free loop site and fit it in. It’s the one part I’ll probably change when I can. All the music is written, performed and recorded by me. I play acoustic and electric guitar, use synth organ and base guitar and do all the vocal parts.

I tried to have some fun with this song, so I hope it’s entertaining.

Carpe Diem

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